Thursday, November 12, 2015

Base One Security Provides Security Services to St. Dominic's Foster Care Facility in the Bronx

It's official! Base One Security Patrol has been signed as the exclusive security guard services provider for St. Dominic's Home Facility, a foster care agency in the Bronx, NY.

Base One will be responsible for the security and safety of over 100+ staff, personnel, their clients, premises and possessions. There are four security officers currently assigned to the site--one supervisor, four security guards and an on-call security guard-- with plans to increase coverage during the center's busy visiting hours. This post has a big responsibility since a large part of the clientele are minors.
853 Longwood Avenue

St. Dominics Home Facility was founded in 1878 in Rockland County as an orphanage for abandoned immigrant children. Today the organization assists hundreds of families and adopted children in need.

St. Dominic's Home

Base One Security will develop the best safety strategy and security plan to decrease and eventual eradicate any negative incidents.We will implement such security strategy at the site, monitor the premises' security conditions,  and provide reporting to St. Dominic's administrators.
Officer Roberson

Officer Stephanie Roberson ensures safety and security on her patrols when she's on post, she observes, detects and reports any and all security conditions.

Part of Officer Roberson's duties is to diffuse escalating situations before they become out of hand. Officer Roberson is trained in how to calmly but firmly communicate between and on behalf of either party as to reach a resolution and prevent any incident.

"Since Base One Security Patrol has been on the Longwood premises, we have certainly seen a decrease in security and safety issues". says Officer Roberson. "In fact, because of our presence, the number of incidents have fallen dramatically."

Officer Roberson is part of the "original crew" Base One Security created almost five years ago. "We took a liking to Officer Roberson very quickly and very early on" says Jessica Wilkins, Office Manager at Base One. "Officer Roberson was instrumental in providing assistance at our Security Trade Expo in 2011, and we maintained contact with her and provided a bigger opportunity for her to work with us again."
Officer Tomlinson

Officer Michael Tomlinson also ensures safety and security on his patrols when he's on post. Officer Tomlinson is also a part of the "original crew"-- in fact, Officer Tomlinson is Base One Security Patrol 's first employee!

"We hired Officer Tomlinson in 2010 when we landed our first contract at The Pavilion Movie Theater in 2010. Officer Tomlinson was instrumental in ensuring safety was maintained at the theater as well as the safety and well-being of the patrons. He always did a great job at his duties", says Wilkins. "Even after the service ended at the theater, we keep Officer Tomlinson on and used him as event security for parties we secured at a church last summer".

Officer Tomlinson typically works the site on weekends, when mostly just St. Dominic's staff is around. He performs routine building patrols to ensure the safety and security of the premises' conditions. If there appears to be a harmful, or unsafe condition, it's Officer Tomlinson's responsibilities to remedy such condition and then complete a security Incident Report.

Sometimes the security officers have to deal with tough situations that develop. They have to be trained in "verbal judo", conflict resolution management and be in good physical shape in order to withstand the physical part of security.

Currently Officer Tomlinson works as a school safety agent, and also holds the security officer post at Flatlands Reformed Church in Brooklyn.

Visitor's Front Desk and Check-in

Sgt. Kieboye Odumgba 

Sgt. Odumgba joins Base One Security as the lead officer for the AM shifts as well as supervision. Officer Odumgba is responsible for scheduling and coverage at the site as well as management of the other officers. St. Odumbga has a great background in security, as he was a US Marine. Sgt. Odumgba is a great addition to Base One Security, and was quickly promoted to sergeant in only a few short months. Sgt. Odumgba reports directly to Chief Anavitate, and de-briefs him on all activity on the premises. 
Sgt. Odumbga de-briefing with Chief Anavitate
Chief Nestor Anavitate downloading the DETEX reports

Security Chief Nestor Anavitate frequently visits the site to ensure everything is going well and basic security conditions have been met. He is making sure all is safe and secure. Part of securing the premises involves providing reports for the routine patrols the security officers make. There is a DETEX system installed at the site at different points where the guard does an hourly patrol and then "chips in" using the DETEX wand. That data is collected by the Security Chief, downloaded into the company's database, and then a report is generated which details all the recorded DETEX activity on the patrols.

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